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Our Roofing Services

Kestral Builders restored this rooftop on a what used to be an old school, yet now we have restored the roof to it original state. when we first had a initial look at the roof, it was in a bad way the slate was short of the valley, the valley was covered with mineral felt, and was leaking.

Because the couple could not, climb on the roof, I took a video of what was there. " Technology a ". As the video of the valley showed that it was run down, it demonstrated to the client precisely what I was looking at. The video showed how much the roof was in a bad state.

Kestral Builders Nottingham.

How To Find Us

What ever your project large or small we can help.

Kestral Builders,
2 Pearl Avenue,
Kirkby in Ashfield,
Nottinghamshire, NG17 7FE.

Tel: 01623 459 488
Tel: 07711 315 399

Our Service

Kestral Builders are a local builders, we provide quality service from start to finish. With all aspects of work in the building trade, all work carried out in house. Including Brickwork, Joinery, Plumbing, Electrical.

What ever type of work contact us today.

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